Complete Accommodation Solutions (CAS) will provide homes that meet the needs of assignees in corporate relocation. CAS will source, create and manage accommodation that exactly matches the location and length of stay required by both individuals and groups, throughout most of Europe.

For any assignment of 6 months or more CAS will createa tailored solution to meet the expectations and budget for any company move. We will source available accommodation options to suit your individual or group needs and present these in a clear and concise manner for your final choice. We negotiate the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement to give you the greatest flexibility and cost savings possible.
Complete Accomodati- on Solutions (CAS) specialises in sourcing, creating and managing bespoke living environ-
ments for companies
employing and relocat-
ing staff at all levels, be it individuals or groups.

Our aim is to make the accommodation element
of corporate relocation or temporary assignm-
ents a convenient, cost effective and trouble-free process for both you the booker and also the occupant…our guest.